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Behind Closed Doors...

The occasion played havoc with my writing progress...

Hi there,

I trust you are well and reading lots of books. The nights are drawing in, and Autumn will soon be upon us. I’m hoping for a late summer. We deserve it, as July and August have been a washout.

Last time, I wrote about our family wedding, and it’s only now I feel fully recovered from the six-day event. The occasion played havoc with my writing progress. My routine was broken, and it’s taken time to re-adjust and get back into writing mode.

However, I am back to writing and spending hours on the laptop to try and finish the last book of ‘The Tom Stevens Series’, called ‘An Educated Vision’. You will enjoy this series if you like reading romance and suspense books. Take a gamble and take a look at this new author. You may be surprised.

Tom Stevens, the deputy head of a special school and Michelle Wills, a classroom assistant, have moved on in their relationship. Their casual sexual dalliance has developed into an impassioned love affair.

At school, the headteacher has resigned from her post because of misappropriation of school funds. The governors have appointed Tom as acting headteacher until they select a permanent head. Tom is determined to be that person. Meanwhile, there are serious challenges ahead.

A student suddenly changes character and has a detrimental change of personality. His angry and vociferous father blames the school, demands action, and threatens Tom with the police.

Teacher Barclay Hughes becomes the main suspect when a CCTV video shows him escorting the student from the toilets. As investigating officer, Tom interviews Barclay about the video. Barclay pleads innocent and is determined to find the real culprit with the help of his two support assistants.

One of these assistants, Diane, has a drug habit. Barclay finds her snorting cocaine in school. He takes advantage and bribes her into a non-sensual sexual relationship. She needs her job to pay the bills and look after her young son and reluctantly agrees.

Tom finally combines forces to catch the perpetrator with the help of the LEA legal team. Further cameras are put in every classroom, unbeknown to the teachers.

Tom applies for the vacant headteacher post and is invited to an interview. He becomes focused on getting the position. However, two weeks before the interview, Tom finds a message under his door accusing him of being unfit to become the school’s headteacher because of his illicit affair with another staff member. Tom wonders if somebody has a grudge against him and panics.

This brief synopsis gives a flavour of ‘The Tom Stevens Series’. We have all been through the school system. Did you ever wonder what happened behind classroom doors after the students left for home?

The six-book enthralling romance/suspense series is a steamy, contemporary love story full of twists and turns. It will keep readers on the edge of their seats, turning the pages.

Why not give the books a read? I would love to know what you think. More information on my Amazon website.

Happy reading,






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