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DIY Novice

Last week I burnt it, which meant I had to replace it...

Hi there,

I hope you have all had a good week and were able to bask in the sun on Sunday. What a beautiful day. I spent the whole day building a wooden fence collected from skips and other recycled sources. It took me over six months to find everything I needed. Little by little, I prepared the wood, cut it to size, sanded it down and placed it in the garden shed. I waited for a dry, warm day before I got down to business. Yesterday was the big day.

I am not a DIY fanatic by any means of the imagination. Far from it. I can paint and wallpaper, and that’s it! The original fence had been broken for over two years, and last week I burnt it, which meant I had to replace it.

It took me a while to figure out how to start. As luck had it, my brother-in-law popped around to deliver some wedding invitations. Now he is brilliant at DIY and gave me some help to get started, but unfortunately, he couldn’t stay. He was on a family mission to deliver more cards.

I didn’t have all the right tools, which didn’t help, so I had to screw over 60 screws into the wood by hand. That was ok for a while, but by the time I finished, my hand was ready to drop off. That was a reminder to buy an accessory for my drill.

The fence is finished, BUT can you:-


Let me know if you can.

Book 2, Part 1, ‘AN EDUCATED GUESS,’ will be published this week on Amazon, as an ebook and a paperback.


This steamy contemporary love story concerns Tom Stevens, the deputy headteacher of Parkland Special School in the north of England, and Michelle Wills, a support assistant at the school. They embark on an illicit affair and declare their love for each other. But questions need answering. Will it end in heartbreak? Is it too soon for Tom to leave his marriage, even though it is at breaking point? Will the relationship get in the way of Tom’s ambition to reach the pinnacle of his career of becoming a headteacher?

Barclay Hughes, a teacher colleague, has conflicted with Tom since he started at the school. When Barclay is suspected of being involved with a sixth-form student, Tom sees it as an opportunity to try and get rid of him. Barclay sets out to prove his innocence, but as investigating officer, Tom is determined to have him dismissed. Is there a way forward for Barclay to clear his name?

Nobody except the perpetrator knows why the student, Andy Jackson, has changed his demeanour. His personality, behaviour and attitude towards school have changed intensely. He appears afraid of something or someone. Will Barclay’s secret action plan to trap the real offender succeed?

Mrs Everett, the headteacher, blemishes her long career trying to bail out her husband’s company by embezzling school funds. She informs the governing body and resigns from her post. What impact will her resignation have on Tom?

Barclay Hughes and Diane, a support assistant, resolve their earlier dark issues and start a relationship. Barclay is deeply in love with her, but Diane needs time and space with her young son. Will this relationship continue if Diane demands independence, and is Barclay prepared to stay the course?

Tom Stevens faces serious challenges from all angles, and the stakes at school are high. Will he cope with the turmoil confronting him? Full of twists and turns, this romance/suspense novel will keep the reader turning the pages.

My apologies for the long synopsis, but I wanted to make you aware of the nuances and the different characters in the book.

For more information, check out my website:

Happy reading


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