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Happy New Year

A good starting point is the free prequel ebook...

Hi there,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed your holiday break. It’s been a busy year in terms of writing. Book 2, part 2, ‘An Educated Guess’ is completed and will be published early next year. I have also recently finished the first draft of Book 3, part 1, which should be published in March / April 2024. The final book (I think) of the series, Book 3, part 2, will be finished later in the year. 

I am taking a short break from writing to enjoy the festive activities with the grandchildren. My brain needs to recharge before I return to my desk, put on my thinking cap and put pen to paper again.

If you have only recently discovered me, browse my website and read the information about my books. A good starting point is the free prequel ebook relating the story of the early upbringing of Barclay Hughes, one of the main characters in the ‘TOM STEVENS’ series. The ebook is called ‘Rich Boy, Poor Choices’.

That’s all for now. If you need any information, please get in touch with me. The next blog will be in a month—meanwhile, all the best for 2024.

Website –

‘Tom Stevens’ Series (6 books)

Prequel:-  ebook  ‘Rich Boy, Poor Choices’ (Free on website)

Published Books:-

  1. An Educated Decision (Book 1, Part 1 and Book 1, Part 2)


  2. An Educated Guess     (Book 2, Part 1)                                      


To be published in 2024:-

  1. An Educated Guess     (Book 2, Part 2)                                       

    Amazon in January

3. An Educated Vision     (Book 3, Part 1)                              

Amazon in  March/April

3. An Educated Vision     (Book 3, Part 2)

Amazon in Sept/Oct

Happy Reading,


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