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My Wife’s Faux Pas

I took a bite and immediately knew what it was...

Hi there,

Last time I promised to let you into a secret about my wife’s faux pas on holiday. I explained how she laughed at my problems with the shower and toilet. This time it was my turn to laugh at her.

We were having breakfast as usual, but this time, my wife decided to have an egg and bacon bap instead of a full breakfast. She found what she thought was tomato sauce at the end of the buffet table, but instead of a sachet or a bottle of sauce, you had to pour the contents by pressing a lever. So far, so good. Returning to her seat, she took one bite of her bap and pulled a face. ‘That’s a sweet sauce,’ she told me and took another bite. ‘Urgh, I can’t eat that. It’s fa too sweet.’

Can you guess what’s coming?

I took a bite and immediately knew what it was. I went to the buffet table to investigate. The label on the lever my wife pressed said ‘Tomato Jam’, not Tomato Sauce. I could hardly contain my laughter as I told her what she had done. She had assumed it was Tomato sauce because she had only read the first part of the label and missed the ‘jam’ part. That will teach her to wear her glasses!

I said I would make another egg and bacon bap with real tomato sauce for her, but she refused, stating she didn’t like to waste food. She then began to scrape as much of the jam off the egg and bacon and finished eating her bap.

Every time we have egg and bacon now, I ask for jam!! It doesn’t go down very well.

Has anybody else made such a faux pas while eating food? I wonder. Let me know if you dare!!

Changing the subject completely, It’s March already. Spring is here, the month of new beginnings and warmer weather.

Oh no, I’ve just heard the forecast for next week – ice and snow! I can’t believe it. I hate the cold and snow. It interferes with my golf.

If it’s snowy and icy where you live, take care.

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Until next time, happy reading.


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