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The inevitable happened...

Hi there. No, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve been in Staffordshire for nine days, though it seemed longer than that. You will find out why in a moment.

Our visit was a combination of spending time with the grandchildren and helping to build some wardrobes. Being with our grandchildren makes our day. My wife and I love being in their company. The girls are five and seven, love school, and participate in all the after-school activities. Besides playing with them at their house, we love dropping them off at school and receiving hugs, kisses and waves as they happily walk/run to their classrooms. The same applies when we pick them up, particularly when it’s a surprise.

We were also taking Cooper, the dog, home. He had been with us for a month. (read a

previous blog to find out all about Cooper). He was so excited to see his family again and have a rest from walking too much!

While in Staffordshire, I kept a promise made a month before to help my daughter’s father-in-law build some bedroom wardrobes. (DIY is not a strong point of mine). I said I could help for three days but was still there six days later. Those first few days were the hardest I had physically worked in years. We started at ten a.m. and worked till nine or ten p.m. So, my excuse for not writing – I was shattered and didn’t have the energy to do anything other than rest in bed.

However, the inevitable happened on the fourth day. Lifting and carrying yet another heavy panel up the stairs was my downfall. My back gave way, and much to my annoyance, I was incapacitated and unable to help complete the wardrobes. Three days later, my good family friend finished the end product which looked brilliant. All I could do was stare at and admire the quality of his work. He is a perfectionist.

For the time being, I am keeping quiet about making promises, particularly when it comes to hard, physical work!!

Working so hard and recovering from a bad back interfered with my schedule in writing the blog, but I promise to be with you again next week at the usual time.

Until then, happy reading.

Mansel Winter

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