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Reading Habits

This was a shock because I knew she had bought the book before Christmas...

Hello again. I hope you've had a good week and enjoyed reading a book or two.

I have some good news. A female friend of the family came around for a meal and told me she had just read Part 1 of Book 1, An Educated Decision, and thoroughly enjoyed it. She immediately bought the second book from Amazon.

This was a shock because I knew she had bought the book before Christmas. When I questioned why it had taken her so long to read the book, she said she only had time to read a novel on holiday. She was too busy with work and family life to read books. She had just returned from a holiday abroad. Though excited to discover what happens in Part 2, she said she probably wouldn't have time to read it until her next holiday.

Reading Habits

This made me think. I wonder how many other people do the same. I have ambivalent feelings about this. I was delighted my friend bought and enjoyed the book, but disappointed, despite the cliffhanger, she wasn't enticed to read the second part immediately.

We are all different, and I have to accept readers react differently according to their personal lives. I'm sure my friend will read the next part. I just hope she takes lots of holidays.

Are you just a holiday reader? If I'm honest, I'm the same when I think about it. I'm too busy writing my novels and blogs to read somebody else's novels unless I'm looking for ideas from another writer of the same genre. However, on holiday, I always pack a paperback in my rucksack and begin reading as soon as the plane is in the air.

Generally, when I return from playing golf, tired and every muscle hurting, I will have a hot bath to revive my aching body and read a book until my eyes drop and I fall asleep. I've been reading that book for over a year and still haven't finished it.

I used to enjoy reading in bed, but I can't even do that now. Because most of my writing is done later in the evening, I need a different distraction from reading and usually watch television or check my emails.

They say you can't beat snuggling up with a good book. What are your reading habits? Let me know.

The Coronation

Are you preparing yourself for next Saturday's Coronation of Charles 3 rd ? Will you be watching it on television, attending the extravaganza in London, or having a street party, or will it be just another Saturday?

As I was raised in Windsor, I consider myself a Royalist, even though I haven't been back for nearly 30 years. What I do remember is the street party I attended as a six-year-old to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 2 nd coronation in 1953. I still have the royal gift of a souvenir blue glass given to every child.

Is anybody out there with similar memories?

Happy Reading


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