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T'was the week before Christmas

Four days without a computer is a nightmare at any time, but for a writer, it is horrendous...

Only one week to go. Are you ready for the big day? If you are parents of young children or not so young, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Ok, I’ll put you out of your misery. Yes, it’s Christmas. Well, almost! Some young children I know have been preparing for this day since 1 st November, encouraged by their mother. How do I know? Because my daughter and grandchildren are carrying on the family tradition.

Are you well organised and finished your Christmas shopping, or are you like me and leave it to the last minute? Every year I say I will change but do I? No. I enjoy buying presents at the last minute.

This week has been something of a disaster for me. There was a glitch on my computer and I couldn’t process word. Panic set in. My second book was almost finished, and I was desperate to complete it before Christmas. My wife, son and myself spent hours trying to fix it but to no avail. I eventually took my computer to Currys to have it checked. They had a quick look and advised me to ring Microsoft and speak to one of their technicians. Long story short, the technician fixed it within the hour, and as you can see, it’s business as usual. At one stage, I never thought this blog had a chance of being written.

Four days without a computer is a nightmare at any time, but for a writer, it is horrendous. The idea of a backup computer seems a good idea. Santa, are you listening?


I managed to finish my second book as well. That was the easy part. Now it’s up to my daughter to design the cover, format, market, promote the book and finally publish it. That’s not a lot to ask is it? I sometimes wonder if she regrets agreeing to say, ‘Yes, dad, I’ll do that for you.’

Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2023. I’ll be taking a short festive break and will be back soon.

Happy reading,


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