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The MW Team

They did everything for me... I couldn’t have done that on my own....

Last week I informed you about my two books on Amazon and my website. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the books. I hope readers will enjoy them. There is now a freebie to download (prequel) to see if you like my writing style and storyline. I’m hoping, of course, that the freebie will attract you to the first book in the series.

Download your FREE Prequel now!

Although the books are self-published, I had nothing to do with the publishing. I have to admit my computer skills are reserved for word processing only. I stumbled for a while, thinking about how I could publish them. I almost paid a lot of money to a professional publishing firm.

Luckily my daughter was staying with us the weekend I was about to pay up. I mentioned it to her, and she wasn’t happy. She rang her husband, who was around 120 miles away, and he agreed. It was far too much money. My son-in-law said they could publish the books between them. I was so relieved.

I hadn’t asked them for help because it didn’t seem appropriate. My daughter would have to read my steamy romance novel, and I was embarrassed knowing she would read the sex scenes. We did get over that hurdle, though I did receive the ‘high eyebrows’ look!

They did everything for me. My son-in-law showed me how to get on Amazon. I couldn’t have done that on my own. Then my daughter took over and designed great covers, edited the books, formatted them, helped with the books’ titles and descriptions and finally published them. I couldn’t believe it had happened so quickly. All done over one weekend. Absolutely amazing.

I can look at my two published books on my bookshelf with a larger-than-life smile. I knew I had to sell them, but I had breached the first and most important hurdle- publishing.

Last weekend, my daughter self-published my freebie ebook, ‘Rich Man Poor Choices’, based on one of the antagonistic characters in the first book. Please take a look.

Download your FREE COPY of Rich Man Poor Choices today!

I’m glad my job is only to write the books. I couldn’t have done the publishing side of things. I have now arranged with my daughter, Nin, and son-in-law, Harry, that I write and they do all the other things I don’t like to do! As far as I can see, it seems to be a good arrangement.

I wonder what Nin and Harry think!

By the way, Harry has already written a book, and it won’t be too long before Nin has a published book.

I’m in good hands.

Until next time. Happy reading.


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