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Welcome To Me...

I put pen to paper to write a fiction novel. That was four years ago...Read about how my journey began...

Hi there,

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Mansel Winter, and I’m a first-time self- published author. My journey to writing my book hasn’t been easy or straightforward, but certainly worthwhile. I have achieved my ambition of becoming a novelist.

I retired 12 years ago, and at the time, my passion was playing golf, so this was a great opportunity to try and improve my handicap. I thought this would be easy to accomplish by playing three times a week rather than just once a week. How wrong was I!! It just didn’t happen.

So what did I do? I began to think about what else I could do in my leisure time. Then I remembered that about 20 years ago, I had put pen to paper to write a fiction novel about my experiences of teaching in a school. I found the script and thought this is it. I'll finish and publish it. That was four years ago.

It has taken me that long to write the novel, have it edited, proofread and finally self-published. The book entitled ‘An Educated Decision’, Part 1 is the result.

As mentioned above, my whole career has been in teaching. I taught at a grammar school for five years, then switched to teaching children with special educational needs, which I absolutely loved. I was privileged to end my teaching career as headteacher of such a school.

If I’m honest, writing doesn’t come natural to me. My next blog will inform you of my challenges in writing the book.

Until next time. Keep well.


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