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Why do people blog?

You've written your first novel, you've got it published, now what?

You've written your first novel, you've got it published, now what? Now, you blog! Many authors blog alongside writing, but what is the main reason for doing so?

Below are 4 clear-cut reasons why authors blog...

1. All authors intend to connect and engage with readers who share the same genre interest as the author. People who find my website landing page and sign-up for my blog /newsletter are likelier to engage and interact with the author directly.

2. Blogging encourages two-way discussion and hopefully inspires comments/responses. If you have questions, I am more than happy to respond. This is another way of engaging with readers who show interest.

3. Blogging is another social media strategy to connect with people, just like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are.

4. Blogging is another way of generating web traffic and ultimately selling books.

Blogging is a way for authors to build an email list of real fans of this genre, to sell books and make money, and I’m one of them. Now you know. The fact that you are reading this blog informs me you might be interested in my books. Thanks for showing interest, and I hope you will continue to share my blog posts.

On a different note, I will discuss my values next week and ask you to consider yours.

Happy reading,


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