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An Educated Decision

A Romantic Novel filled with Suspense, Conflict & Passion.

This first book of the Tom Stevens' series is a steamy, contemporary love story following the life of Tom Stevens, 40, a deputy headteacher of a school in the north of England. He is dynamic, professional and ambitious.

Despite his personal complications, Tom has to make crucial decisions concerning serious school issues. The stakes are high, and success depends on Tom’s leadership skills, integrity and tenacity.

Unhappily married, Tom defies his upbringing and principles and is tempted into an illicit affair throwing his life into turmoil.

Michelle Wills, late 40s and divorced, has fantasised about taking Tom to bed since she first met him, but that door has permanently been closed. Or has it?

An Educated Guess

A Romantic Novel filled with Suspense, Conflict & Passion.

In the sizzling second instalment of this captivating contemporary love saga set in the north of England, Tom Stevens, deputy headteacher of Parkland Special School, faces a tumultuous journey.


Love, ambition, and a clash with colleague Barclay Hughes entangle Tom's path, while student Andy Jackson's sudden change in behaviour and personality is a mystery.


With Mrs Everett's shocking resignation, and Barclay's blossoming relationship with Diane hanging in the balance, Tom must navigate a web of challenges.


Brace yourself for a thrilling romance/suspense story filled with twists and turns that will keep you hooked.

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