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'...Barclay had to break free for a breather, fearing being suffocated by Lilly’s desire..."

- Chapter 26 - Rich Boy Poor Choices

Rich Boy Poor Choices

Download your FREE copy of Rich Boy Poor Choices, following the early life of Barclay Hughes.

This steamy prequel to The Tom Steven’s series focuses on one of the main characters in the series, Barclay Hughes, from the time he is born until he is about to leave school at eighteen. Born into a privileged household, he lacks for nothing except love from his father, who blames Barclay for the early death of his wife.

Having lost his mum when Barclay was seven, his nanny, Lilly, raises him and becomes his surrogate mother. They develop a close but complex relationship. After a life-changing incident just before Barclay reaches his teenage years, he becomes sexually obsessed with her. But is this obsession one- sided?

Matters deteriorate when his father announces he is in a serious relationship with Lilly. Barclay is devastated by the news and has a complete personality change, creating a deluded sense of reality which leads to a downward spiral of decency.


How will Lilly respond to Barclay’s heartfelt letter? Can Barclay overcome his anguish and desolation? 

For a journey through passion, betrayal and obsession, Rich Boy Poor Choices will keep you turning the pages. 


You decide. Is Barclay Hughes the victim or a threat towards women?

Rich Boy Poor Choices is the prequel to An Educated Decision (Part 1 & Part 2)

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