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Pressing Publish

...he grabbed and picked up her naked body and made his way to the bathroom to shower.

Hi there, 


Pushing the Publish Button 


I would like to update you on the progress of my books. 

Book 2, ‘An Educated Guess’, Part 2, has been published. I hope you like the cover and enjoy the book. 

It was exciting to finish the book. It took a few re-drafts and edits, plus choosing an appropriate cover and writing the book description. Pushing the publish button was a great feeling, but worth all the time and effort. 

Writing is ongoing to complete the two parts of book 3, ‘An Educated Vision’ by Christmas.  


I thought I would share a sample of my writing with you this month. It’s from Part 1 of Book 3. I hope you like it. 


BOOK DESCRIPTION:-   Book Series called ‘Tom Stevens’  


The Tom Stevens series has six books. The opening book is a steamy, contemporary love story about the life of Tom Stevens, 40, a dynamic, professional, and ambitious deputy headteacher of a special school in the north of England. 

Despite his personal complications, Tom must make crucial decisions about serious school issues. The stakes are high, and success depends on Tom’s leadership skills, integrity, and tenacity. 

Unhappily married, Tom defies his upbringing and principles and is tempted into an illicit affair, throwing his life into turmoil. Michelle Wills, in her late 40s and divorced, has fantasised about taking Tom to bed since she first met him, but that door has been closed. Or has it? 

Other characters come into the story. A teacher is investigated for abusing a student; a classroom assistant is discovered by a teacher taking drugs and bribed for sexual favours; there is a lesbian affair and much, much more to satisfy the desires, needs, and interests of those who like romance, suspense, friends to lovers and enemies to lovers. 


Have a read 


‘I’m so sorry, Michelle, for shouting and storming out like that. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. That wasn’t fair. You were only trying to help. It’s just that the day had been so encouraging and constructive. Mr Baker’s shit phone call was a shock to the system. Worried and confused, I could hardly reply. I don’t even remember saying goodbye. Everything seems to be going against me at the moment, Michelle. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. It’s as if the gods are against me getting this headteacher post, and I’m working so hard to achieve it.’ 

'Come here, you big softie. Hug me, Tom.'  

'I love you, Michelle Wills.’ 

'I know you do, and I love you too, Tom Stevens. Now promise me you’ll stop worrying about that meeting. You don't know what the outcome will be, so there isn't any point in getting yourself worked up about it. Wait and see what happens on Wednesday. Remain positive, Tom. If headship is meant to be, it will be. If not at Parkland, there will be a school out there ready and waiting for you. You’re destined to be a headteacher sometime soon, and I think the governors will be crazy not to appoint you after everything you have already done and still doing for the school.’  

‘Thanks, Michelle. What would I do without you?’  

Michelle stared at Tom with her peerless, big, sexy eyes. Tom gazed back and smiled. Taking her in his arms, they hugged and kissed, and one thing led to the other. Clothes were scattered everywhere. Michelle was her usual domineering self and took control of the proceedings. Tom didn't object. He enjoyed Michelle taking the lead. She had taught him how to please her, and Michelle knew what Tom demanded of her. 

‘Wow, Tom, that was good. I certainly wasn’t expecting that when I came upstairs looking for  

you. If anything, I thought we might quarrel.’ 

‘Well, if that’s your idea of quarrelling, bring it on,’ Tom said, laughing as he grabbed and picked up her naked body and made his way to the bathroom to shower. Before he even reached the office door, his mobile rang. Looking at each other, they wondered who it could be. 

'It will be somebody about school, I expect,' Michelle said. Tom lowered Michelle onto the carpet and searched for his trousers, hidden on the floor amongst the scattered clothes. ‘Hurry up, Tom,’ Michelle said. 

‘Found them.’ He grabbed his mobile from his trouser pocket and answered. ‘Hello,' Tom said, looking at his watch. It was six thirty. 

'Hello, Mr Stevens. It's Mr Ray from the LEA. I'm glad I caught you. Is it convenient to have 

a chat? It's about the meeting on Wednesday with Mr Baker.' 

'Hello, Mr Ray. This is a surprise. I hope you've got some good news about the meeting?' Tom asked, feeling embarrassed in his naked state. 

'Afraid not. I just wanted to inform you that I will represent the school with you at the meeting. Mr Baker has invited the chairs of governors from the six special schools to attend the meeting. 

As you don't have a chair of governors, I was asked to represent the school.' 

'That’s great news, Mr Ray. It's good to have you on board. At least I'll have a friendly face with me at the meeting. Have you heard anything about what's happening?'  

'I only know what you know, Mr Stevens. Right, I'll see you there on Wednesday. One last thing, Mr Stevens. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m about to give you a word of advice. Don't let this issue interfere with your application for the headship. Goodnight.' End of conversation. Tom thought that was a strange thing to say at this stage. Is he holding something back that I don't know? Why else would he mention it? Tom explained his conversation to Michelle, although she had followed the gist of the discussion. Once showered and changed, Tom asked Michelle for a garden tour as it was still light. He noticed Michelle's hard work and commended her labours with the vegetable plot, which showed signs of near completion. The rest of the evening 

was spent talking about school matters. Tom, in particular, felt mentally exhausted and was glad when it was time for bed. As he climbed the stairs, he realised how lucky he was to have Michelle as a sounding board to listen to his ideas and vision for the school. 

At the usual staff meeting in the morning, Tom informed his staff about his consultation at the LEA with all the heads of the other special schools. He couldn't go into details because he didn’t know himself, but he noticed a few raised eyebrows among the teachers, itching to know what it was about. The only other news of importance was to remind the teachers about a short assembly to welcome back the students to the school at nine-thirty. As the staff filed out of the staffroom, Tom approached Mr Rogers, took him to one side and told him to be at his office as soon as the bell sounded for the morning break.  

The assembly was predictable. The students were glad to be back at school. Their welcoming smiles and waves said it all. Tom particularly paid attention to Andy and the new students in year seven, who looked a little nervous. He told them he would visit them during the day. Tom also welcomed back the rest of the staff who weren't in the assembly: his two receptionists, Sheila and Jenny, Bill, the nurse, the canteen staff, and his secretary, Charlotte. Out of politeness and consideration, he wanted to be seen welcoming all his staff back to school. Staying with Charlotte for ten minutes to discuss paperwork and the advertisement for the appointment of a new teacher to replace Mr Ford, Tom informed Charlotte of his movements and meetings for the rest of the week. He realised how lucky he was to have Charlotte as his secretary. She was experienced, efficient and trustworthy, and he could lean on her for support.  

Tom's meeting with Mr Rogers during the morning break was brief and to the point. He told him in no uncertain terms what he thought of his inappropriate behaviour on the day he and Barclay caught Mr Ford. Tom didn’t even invite him to sit down. Towering above the diminutive Mr Rogers, Tom noticed Mr Roger’s lips quivering and beads of sweat descending from his forehead to his cheeks as he read him the riot act. ‘I hope you realise there will be serious repercussions if you fail to follow my instructions again,’ Tom shouted bluntly and menacingly. With hands on hips and glaring at Mr Rogers, Tom bellowed, ‘Do you understand what I’m saying, Mr Rogers?’ Mr Rogers hesitated his reply, then feebly nodded but didn’t speak. He couldn’t. He was tongue-tied. Tom didn't wait for an apology. He dismissed him like a naughty schoolboy. Sitting down, Tom couldn’t help but smile at Mr Roger’s dejected expression as he left his office. He wouldn’t have been surprised if he had wet himself or even worse. The rest of the morning was spent visiting every classroom to greet the students, particularly the new ones to the school. These visits were the best part of the day, though seeing Mr Rogers trembling before him came a close second!’ 

Barclay, Jan and Diane were relieved to return to their old routine. No longer were they monitoring Andy. The pressure was off now that Andy's foe had been caught red-handed, thanks to the security cameras. When Andy entered the classroom and saw the staff, he gave them the biggest smile ever and hugged each of them. His voice wasn't yet full volume, but he was slowly getting there. Besides seeing a counsellor each fortnight, he also attended sessions with a speech therapist. Andy was pleased to be back at school amongst friends. Physically, he seemed ok, but nobody knew how long his emotional scars would take to heal.  


I trust these few pages have whetted your appetite to discover more about my books. If you need further information, go to my website, where you will find a list of all books and a free eBook based on one of the main characters. 


Until next time, 







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